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Why does every leader and organisation need to know about Happiness at Work?​ Because.....

Research reveals that a HAPPIER WORKPLACE delivers 22% higher shareholder returns, 30% higher productivity, 10% higher customer satisfaction and a huge 54% improvement in staff retention (Shawn Achor in Happiness Advantage)

World Happiness Report 2021

The world happiness report 2021, the ninth edition since the first on 2012, continues to gain recognition.  Find out why happiness matters to the world; and where your country score is on the list of happiest countries in the world.

Happiness at Work e-book
Happy people are more productive, both in everyday life and at work. Paying attention to creating a happy culture have many benefits...This e-book is courtesy from our associate partner.
  • Is your Company constantly seeking to improve and explore how to achieve the best organisational culture that will attract and retain talents?

  • As a talented individual, would you like to work in great work-places offering a great culture that will allow you to excel, flourish and grow with the Company?

  • We help individuals and organisations to achieve happiness at work, higher productivity, employees experience and engagement, and increase value for the organisation.

  • We also offer programs that help individuals on well being and overall happiness in life.

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