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Do you want to Boost Workforce Productivity and create a Great Workplace for your employees?
What we do and why we do it

We help individuals, teams, and organisations to build positive organisational culture and create a happy workplace. We strongly believe a Happy Workplace is a Productive Workplace. Our vision is to help more companies and individuals to achieve Happiness at Work.

Eliza Goh

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Our founder and CHO, Eliza Goh, having great interest in the happiness subject, founded The Happiness Firm with a vision to spread the philosophy of happiness at work to as many companies and individuals as possible.  
Professionally, Eliza is an MBA graduate with a major in marketing and has more than 15 years of international senior level executive experience in business development and management.  She says: "If you invest in Happiness at Work, you will have happy employees, high energy in the office and high performance teams.  Happiness at Work is what we do, and we want to walk this journey with you. In short, we help organisations create happy work places and individuals achieve happiness at work".
We are a certified partner of Woohoo Inc., the world's leading expert on Happiness at Work.
Our Mission
Why the hour glass
is to help more companies and individuals on Happiness at Work. We collaborate with experts in this field and our mission is to share our insights on Happiness@Work to as many people as possible. We are ready to help your company flourish and make it great workplace to work in.

Our logo design is derived from an Hour Glass which illustrates the importance of good time management, one of the primary factors in pursuing success in life. Time is constant and irreversible; once wasted it cannot be regained. 

Effective time management is crucial to achieving success in business, in an organisation, and in personal life. The red color is our company's corporate colour and the green colour is about nature, peace and renewed energy. The green colour is also an emotionally positive colour.

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