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An enjoyable session with IEN Consultants

An enjoyable session with IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

Thinking back more than two years ago when I started out on this happy journey, it has been inspiring, interesting and every day I am discovering new insights on the topic.

With great pleasure, I delivered a keynote on happiness at work at IEN Consultants office, a leading green building company in Malaysia a month ago. It was on a beautiful Friday afternoon and the session went very well, with great enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated by the participants. Most of all, I felt so elated to be able to share and carry out the mission in spreading happiness at work, especially in my own home country. A heartfelt thanks to Regina Ng, and Gregers Reimann, the managing director of IEN, personal friends of mine for many years, who helped make this keynote possible and successful. Gregers and his partner, Khim Bok, have shown a good example of a company that is leading with happiness. The key to their success is a flat organizational structure and flexible working environment. I would like to share a small piece of IEN’s testimonial here by Gregers Reimann:

"Eliza Goh conducted a very interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening “Happiness at Work” session at our company last week. The IEN management are of the opinion that happiness at work is very important, because we would like to have happy employees that find purpose, satisfaction and pride in their work. So, when we learned about Eliza’s “Happiness at Work” course, we welcomed it with open arms. Eliza captured the full attention of the IEN staffers by mixing up her slide presentation with dialog, interactive staff-to-staff sessions and videos. Most of her material is based on material from Denmark (the happiest nation in the World), but she also has some interesting local facts regarding happiness at work in Malaysia. And she had good practical recommendations of how to increase the happiness at the workplace, though, she seemed impressed by our existing happiness level :-)"

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